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When he`s not on stage performing, Blaise teaches privately  both in person in studio (or he could travel you) and online.


​The object of vocal study is to make the voice irreproachable in its intonation, firm, strong, flexible, extended, and to correct its faults. Additionally the vocal study aims to develop the musicality of the pupil which includes the art of phrasing, to familiarize him with the different styles, and to develop his expression.

A good method of singing must always be in harmony with nature and the laws of health. Every voice is unique and special, therefore the importance of finding the appropriate way of working with every student depending their needs.

It is important to keep in mind that just like speaking, singing is a way to communicate (express) our emotions (feelings), singing is an extension of the spoken voice. Every singer must aim to produce beautiful, powerful and most importantly healthy sound which must be free of any unnecessary tensions and discomfort.  So, by trial and error, perseverance and guided the sensations, we find the 'natural' sound which will be developed by progressive exercises that will strengthen the voice and encourage it to become more flexible and will progressively develop its power. 

My job as singing teacher is to guide the singer in the process of learning their instrument, building a solid vocal technique, finding their own voice and maintain the voice in good shape. Singing should be free of tension, effort and discomfort. JUST FUN!

What can you expect?

- Improvement of your technical skills by understanding the vocal mechanism.
- Understanding of the voice registers.
- Learn about breath control and support of the voice.
- Preparation for emitting the voice (posture)
- The attack of vocal sounds (articulation)
- Exercises that will progressively bring flexibility, expand your vocal range and power.
- Study of agility.
- Improve your musicality (phrasing, rhythm, dynamics and style).
- Learn more about good vocalization / warming up (perfect intonation, equality of the note-value, equality of strength, legato, harmony of the timbre).
- To fix faults in voice production (nasal sounds, tremolo, slurring...)
- How to deal with vocal fatigue.
- Communication through singing (interpretation).

PRICING: £30 for First Lesson / £48 for 60 MIN.