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A good method of singing must always be in harmony with nature and the laws of health. There is a special individuality in every voice, as in every face, and therefore every voice must be treated, on its own merits.

Blaise is a qualified singing teacher who enjoys sharing his theoretical and practical knowledge of this noble art with his students.

He has a successful career as a freelance Opera singer, working with major Opera Companies in the UK and internationally. Former member of the prestigious Jette Parker Young Artist Program at the Royal Opera House, he holds a Masters degree in Opera Performance from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


The theoretical and practical vocal method that I offer starts with elementary vocal exercises. A rational and progressive course of vocal gymnastics will develop a great elasticity as well as great power contractions in the muscles of the vocal organ, without causing any sign of fatigue.

Singing in many ways is a form of physical, mental, spiritual, and communicative activity, requiring consummate coordination among all its parts. That's why I encourage students to cultivate a habit of analysing and mentally preparing the exercises before singing them.

Consistency and regularity are crucial for a good vocal training, and any one who attempts to learn it must be prepared to be devoted, work regularly and be patient with himself because the learning process requires time. There's no difference in the level of devotion to practice between a professional and amateur singer considering that they both must aim for quality and healthy singing.

Regardless of the style, we should always aim for healthy vocalism.

My job as a singing teacher is to guide the students in the process of learning their instrument, building a solid vocal technique, finding their own voice and maintaining the voice in good shape.


- Improvement of your technical skills by understanding the vocal mechanism.
- Understanding of the voice registers.
- Learn about breath control and support of the voice.
- Preparation for emitting the voice.
- Exercises that will progressively bring flexibility, expand the vocal range and power.
- Learn more about good vocalization / warming up.
- To fix faults in the voice production.
- How to deal with vocal fatigue.

I teach privately in the studio, from my flat, online or I can travel to the student in some case. Singers of any level are welcome.


Price: GBP 50  per hour

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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