Blaise Malaba was a sober yet warmly supportive presence as Alidoro, despite his youth Malaba created a nicely fatherly feel to the character, and his interventions as Deus-ex-Machina had a nice sympathy to them. Malaba's dark hued voice added a touch of sobriety and sense to the busy excitement of the evening which made a nice contrast.

Planet Hugill

Finally, there was the sobering presence and rich tones of the young Congolese bass Blaise Malaba.

Opera Today

A kind of fairy godfather without a wand, Alidoro is given a dignified, solicitous and sonorous interpretation by Blaise Malaba.

The  Stage

As the pathetic father Magnifico, Blaise Malaba showed he is a singer of power and potential with a smooth, flowing line, giving a rounded portrayal of this role as both a funny but also dark and disturbing, violent character.

Art Scene In Wales

Blaise Malaba made his mark as a resonant-voiced Somnus. 

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