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....While Blaise Malaba added yet another vivid character, this time Abimelec, to his growing list of expectionally well-sung comprimario roles for the company...


...Blaise Malaba was a robust Abimelech with a wonderful gilded bald head...

Planet Hugill

"Malaba is a brilliant singer and also has great stage presence; a notable combination that will stand him well in what I am sure will be future successes."
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...Blaise Malaba – a High Priest of Baal of profundity and gravitas...

Opera Today

Good to see Blaise Malaba again, confirming as the High Priest of Baal the dramatic and vocal strength he showed in the recent Verdi Macbeth.

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Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

"Blaise Malaba prowled the set as an imposing and threatening Philippe ending up circling round Posa who had implored the king to stop oppressing the people of Flanders."

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West Green House Opera

Blaise Malaba was a sober yet warmly supportive presence as Alidoro, despite his youth Malaba created a nicely fatherly feel to the character, and his interventions as Deus-ex-Machina had a nice sympathy to them. Malaba's dark hued voice added a touch of sobriety and sense to the busy excitement of the evening which made a nice contrast.

Planet Hugill

Finally, there was the sobering presence and rich tones of the young Congolese bass Blaise Malaba.

Opera Today

A kind of fairy godfather without a wand, Alidoro is given a dignified, solicitous and sonorous interpretation by Blaise Malaba.

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As the pathetic father Magnifico, Blaise Malaba showed he is a singer of power and potential with a smooth, flowing line, giving a rounded portrayal of this role as both a funny but also dark and disturbing, violent character.

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Live from Covent Garden #3
Royal Opera House
Rossini’s L’Italiana in Algeri, in which Congolese bass Blaise Malaba and Tongan tenor Filipe Manu, both dashingly attired, rattled off the patter with infectious good humour.

... And who could not fail to be impressed by the disarming charm of Congolese bass singer, Blaise Malaba who was singing on the ROH for the first time...
Dance Tabs, Graham watts

Kinshasa-raised bass Blaise Malaba ended up in the 2015 Cardiff Singer of the Year almost as a sideline in his life of music and undergraduate study. He has already sung with the ROH in Susanna, and begins his tenure on the scheme shortly. His effortlessly big voice and personality demonstrate his promise.
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Meet the Young Artists Week recital, Linbury Theatre
Royal Opera House
... has the true bass voice and the undoubted gift of the born communicator – he knew how to fix individual members of the audience with intense glances. Poulenc’s "La belle jeunesse" from Chansons Gaillardes was a spirited and meaningful delight, and the voice-type is perfect for Russian/Caucasian melancholy in Rachmaninov’s early Pushkin setting “Do not sing for me, o fair one, the sad songs of Georgia”.
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20190725 WGH La Cenerentola (080 of 213)

SUSANNA, Linbury theatre

Royal Opera House

"Blaise Malaba’s Second Elder was in deliciously inky voice, rich and oaky in his glorious bottom notes, and making characterful contrast..."


"Blaise Malaba was suitably forceful as the Second Elder..."

Financial Time

"Of the two Elders, it was the second, Congolese bass Blaise Malaba, who impressed the most, by far, his voice firm and powerful with real presence. "

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