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Blaise Malaba was a sober yet warmly supportive presence as Alidoro, despite his youth Malaba created a nicely fatherly feel to the character, and his interventions as Deus-ex-Machina had a nice sympathy to them. Malaba's dark hued voice added a touch of sobriety and sense to the busy excitement of the evening which made a nice contrast.

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Finally, there was the sobering presence and rich tones of the young Congolese bass Blaise Malaba.

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A kind of fairy godfather without a wand, Alidoro is given a dignified, solicitous and sonorous interpretation by Blaise Malaba.

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As the pathetic father Magnifico, Blaise Malaba showed he is a singer of power and potential with a smooth, flowing line, giving a rounded portrayal of this role as both a funny but also dark and disturbing, violent character.

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SUSANNA, Linbury theatre

Royal Opera House

"Blaise Malaba’s Second Elder was in deliciously inky voice, rich and oaky in his glorious bottom notes, and making characterful contrast..."


"Blaise Malaba was suitably forceful as the Second Elder..."

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"Of the two Elders, it was the second, Congolese bass Blaise Malaba, who impressed the most, by far, his voice firm and powerful with real presence. "

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Blaise Malaba made his mark as a resonant-voiced Somnus. 

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