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And Congolese bass Blaise Malaba brings physical heft and a warmth of tone to the role of the Captain Zuniga.


Blaise Malaba is an imposing Zuniga – an Escamillo of the future, perhaps.


And as ever, bass Blaise Malaba leaves you wanting more, this time as José's commander Zuniga.

Culture Whisper

 Blaise Malaba was a robust and rather slimy Suniga

Planet Hugill



...while Blaise Malaba’s Colline maintains a philosophical quietude that blossoms in his final-act eulogy to his overcoat. As an ensemble they are as believable as they are individually.


…a good contrast to the more subdued philosopher sung by Malaba.

My Scena

Joo Won Kang as the painter Marcello, and Congolese bass Blaise Malaba as Colline, the philosopher of the group provides the audience with some cheeky humour in the midst of the rolling tide and stark staging. Wang and Malaba exude a velvety presence on stage and infuse light into the rising smoke and tattered skyline. 

Thirty Four Flavours

Of the smaller roles, the Congolese bass Blaise Malaba was remarkable as the philosopher Colline. He was persuasive in “Vecchia zimarra”, a farewell ode to his long‑worn winter coat that he sold in order to buy Mimì’s medicine. His deeply resonant bass was as appealing as his Italian diction.


Congolese bass Blaise Malaba made an auspicious COC debut as Colline. 



Fellow baritone Justin Welsh is Schaunard. Bass Blaise Malaba is Colline. Both are excellent. Malaba more stylistically and actorly circumspect as per his character, but not without charisma. Colline’s tender ode to his cherished overcoat, Vecchia zimarra, senti (“Dear old coat, listen”), in Malaba’s hands, is moving in the extreme.


Rounding out the male quartet of Bohemians, Congolese bass Blaise Malaba made his company debut as the philosopher Colline, singing farewell to his great coat to raise funds for Mimì’s medicine with grace.



Opera Orchestre National de Montepellier

Blaise Malaba's Speaker is characterized by his natural stage presence and good projection and articulation. His dramatic range and his high harmonics allow him to compete with Tamino in duets without being eclipsed.

(translated from French)


...In contrast, the power and vocal authority of bass Blaise Malaba (the Speaker) is widely convincing...

(translated from French)

Premiere loge

...Blaise Malaba offers with his bass voice a speaker with commanding accents, present even in the face of the treble voices...

(Translated from French)



Royal Opera House

Le mandarin de Blaise Malaba harangue la foule d’une voix cinglante et autoritaire dans ses deux interventions.


...Blaise Malaba who was the authoritatively voiced Mandarin.

Seen and heard international


Royal Opera House

....While Blaise Malaba added yet another vivid character, this time Abimelec, to his growing list of expectionally well-sung comprimario roles for the company...


...Blaise Malaba was a robust Abimelech with a wonderful gilded bald head...

Planet Hugill

Teatro Colon

"In contrast, bass Blaise Malaba, born in Congo, fulfilling the role of the Mother, looked solid as a soloist and as the base on which the family choir stands." (Translated from Spanish)

La Nacion

La famille d’Anna chante comme un seul homme, y compris la Mère interprétée par la basse congolaise Blaise Malaba (curiosité de la partition de Weill déjà relevée il y a peu à Caen) qui offre des projections profondes et caverneuses...



Royal Opera House

"Malaba is a brilliant singer and also has great stage presence; a notable combination that will stand him well in what I am sure will be future successes.

"Seen and heard-international


Royal Opera House

...Blaise Malaba – a High Priest of Baal of profundity and gravitas...

Opera Today

Good to see Blaise Malaba again, confirming as the High Priest of Baal the dramatic and vocal strength he showed in the recent Verdi Macbeth.

Seen and heard-International

Photo© Ellie Kurttz RWCMD London Gala 2024 124 Large.jpg

SUSANNA, Linbury theatre

Royal Opera House

"Blaise Malaba’s Second Elder was in deliciously inky voice, rich and oaky in his glorious bottom notes, and making characterful contrast..."


"Blaise Malaba was suitably forceful as the Second Elder..."

Financial Time

"Of the two Elders, it was the second, Congolese bass Blaise Malaba, who impressed the most, by far, his voice firm and powerful with real presence. "

Seen and Heard International

West Green House Opera

Blaise Malaba was a sober yet warmly supportive presence as Alidoro, despite his youth Malaba created a nicely fatherly feel to the character, and his interventions as Deus-ex-Machina had a nice sympathy to them. Malaba's dark hued voice added a touch of sobriety and sense to the busy excitement of the evening which made a nice contrast.
Planet Hugill

Finally, there was the sobering presence and rich tones of the young Congolese bass Blaise Malaba.
Opera Today

A kind of fairy godfather without a wand, Alidoro is given a dignified, solicitous and sonorous interpretation by Blaise Malaba.
The  Stage

Concert with Kimbaguist Symphonique Orchestra
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